The Business Game is a web-based application that simulates the competitive business to business (BTB) market. Each team plays the role of a company operating in this competitive market by making appropriate strategic decisions.

In The Business Game, players aim to achieve a common objective in a simulation that, using a defined economic model, recreates the market reality as accurately as possible.

Born in the 1950s, The Business Game has educational and evaluation purposes. The European Business Institute acknowledged its main didactic objectives:

  • improving decision-making abilities in terms of the timeliness and efficiency of choices,
  • building familiarity with risk and uncertainty,
  • teaching management techniques,
  • integrating various company functions,
  • and providing strategic decision-making training.

Since each player is part of a team, he or she can develop a concrete team spirit, which has started playing an increasingly crucial role in people’s professional lives, although it is often neglected by classic educational tools.

One of the ideas of the U-START project was to combine the ground-breaking tool of business game with the ICT Tools available for the development of Simulated Training Enterprises (or Practice firms), and to develop a specific business game for the start-up phase, which can considerably reinforce the usability of the training enterprise (practice firm) simulator itself for both students and teachers.

The result has been the U-START Business Game which is accessible from the links below.



Access to the U-START Business Game

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